Babi Fraya is a "Point & Click" adventure game, therefore a game in which the player assumes the role of protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration, dialogs and puzzle-solving. It's also a fiction which tells a story, even though the player can affect the story, as there are different screenplay branches. Find out more about this game genre...


Winter 2010. Just another random New York student heading back to Babi where he is originally from. Great time ahead for Lewis ! Partying all night in Rue Princesse (Princess Street), enjoying the garba on the sunny beaches, hanging out with old buddies and new encounters... Until a sudden change of atmosphere. What could have possibly gone wrong ? Nobody knows. It all went really fast... Within a few minutes everything went from harmony to drama: screaming, bombing, looting, violent clashes, food shortage, closure of borders. When Babi Joy becomes Babi Frayeur, what was meant to be a dream holiday increasing looks like a commando mission. What to do now ? Fight or Fraya ? Fight to Fraya ? You choose.


Maxwell Show Emma Dance Rue Princesse Chilling at Beach Party Violent fights in Djassa

Frequently asked questions

1. Why bother building a game to begin with ?

The long term goal is to build a virtual world. So far I learned some of the concepts and techniques required in terms of programming, networking, illustration and animation to name a few. During this learning experience, I built a working prototype which is very basic though. I have still got a lot to learn but to turn it into a full virtual world experience, the top requirements was probably content and ongoing entertainment. That's why it occured to me that building a game was the next logical step.

2. Why make a silverlight game now ?

Silverlight brings the power of the Microsoft .NET framework to the web browser, especially when it comes to multimedia projects (music, video, animation, games, etc). And I just happen to specialise in those Microsoft technologies.
Ok, let's face it, Silverlight for Windows and Mac is getting obsolete, so this is probably the last chance (or not?) to release a silverlight game before it gets completely deprecated and replaced with alternative technologies.
#ThreeWordsToLiveBy Just Do It. Later we will see where/how to port next games/versions.

3. Yes but HTML5 is big now, why not HTML5 ?

It's not just that it still makes sense to use Silverlight based on my current skills set, there are a few others incentives to do so. For instance, my mentor Darren Mart recently released RAGE (Retro Adventure Game Environment) which is what I needed to start off with my first game. Also, this work could integrates more smoothly with my other .NET projects if required. Finally, it's not Silverlight VS HTML5. Silverlight will not replace HTML nor does it intend to. It's more like a special kind of tool for a special kind of job.

4. Why choose the ivorian crisis as game topic ?

A wise guy once said: If there is something really awesome, and you can't understand why somebody hasn't done it before, it's because you haven't done it yourself. That's DIY for those in the know: Do It Yourself.

I couldn't find any point-and-click game about the #CIV2010 story, not even an adventure game about the Ivory Coast. So there we go.

5. Who? Me?

I am Necemon Yai, Microsoft .NET technology specialist. Full time developer. Part time digital artist, strategist, essayist and entreprenerd.

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Graphic Design and Illustration
Animation, Choreography and Special effects
Screenplay and Casting
French<->English Translation
Necemon Yai

Game Engine Conception
Game Engine Training
Game Development Mentorship
Darren Mart

Ivoire/US Megamixes - DJ BDK
Au bout des reves (instrumental) - Booba
Desole (instrumental) - Sexion d'Assaut
Balamb Garden - Final Fantasy 8
Don't be afraid - Final Fantasy 8
Ignition (instrumental) - R. Kelly
Naruto Battle Theme
Heart Of The Sea -
Cautious Path -
Ikana Canyon - The Legend Of Zelda

Sound effects


Special Thanks
Darren Mart - for his advices and for making R.A.G.E
Cyr Leonce, Eric Agnissan, Fancy, Fyfy, Karen Kakou, Nanda and Wognan - For their support and suggestions
Microsoft Developer Division - Home of Visual Studio, Expression Blend and Silverlight

This game is dedicated to Simon Hatchard and Tom John, my bosses.

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